Experienced Tongue and Lip Tie Provider in Clarksville, TN

Why Choose Us

We realize your child, along with their health, is important to you so we make sure that each procedure is done correctly the first time. Please watch our videos below to know what to expect. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

Multidisciplinary Teamwork

We work with a team of experts in every discipline to make sure your child receives the best direction and advice before the procedure and the highest level of care of service throughout the postoperative period. We have developed collaborative relationships with local pediatricians and primary care providers, lactation consultants, feeding specialists, speech and language pathologists, and chiropractors. There is wisdom in the abundance of counsel, and we fully support each family staying connected to their full team at every step of the journey.

Advanced Laser Technology

Our Lightscalpel CO2 laser is the most gentle, advanced laser technology available in the tongue and lip tie field. It is considered a non-contact laser, which means it uses CO2 lightwaves to vaporize the problematic tissue, instead of other methods including scissors or different types of lasers (diode, erbium, etc.). The laser allows Dr. Kennedy to efficiently release the restrictive tissues while also minimizing any bleeding of the surrounding tissues. This produces a more complete release, a cleaner wound, and can lead to faster healing with less scar tissue.

Personalized, Efficient Delivery of Care

We believe it is important to attentively listen to your story and your struggles before we begin anything. We believe a parent’s instincts are almost always right. After hearing your story, we perform a comprehensive clinical exam and develop a personalized treatment plan for your child to give them the best start possible. We also do not want to delay any necessary and urgent care. Because of this, our practice has a streamlined process to offer same day treatment so that your child can get on the road to wellness right away.

No Unnecessary General Anesthesia or Sedation

We are able to perform all of our procedures correctly the first time without the added risk and cost of general anesthesia. Our team is extensively trained in completing our procedures safely and efficiently. Some older children may benefit from the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas), similar to being used for dental procedures.

Transparent Financial Responsibility

We know and understand finances are important for every family which is why we have tried to develop the most transparent process possible to deliver your child’s care. Your insurance benefits work here at Clarksville Tongue Tie Center just like they do at other medical and dental facilities. Although our relationship with your insurance company may differ from another facility, you are still entitled to the benefits you have paid for. Our team will help you recover your costs from your insurance by providing you a template to submit the claim and all necessary medical/dental codes to achieve the highest reimbursement possible. Oftentimes, insurance companies will reimburse you directly before your credit card billing cycle is complete.